(1) Pound of 5-6′ Braided Bully Sticks – Free Range Moo! Brand – Odor Free!!

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You are purchasing (1) pound of 5-6′ braided bully sticks, which equals about 12-15 pieces. These are Free Range Eco Naturals Moo! brand Odor-Free bully sticks, but will come bulk without individual packaging. (Do you have an aggressive chewer who loves our odor-free bully sticks, but seems like they chew through them a little too quickly? Then we have the perfect product for you! Our braided bully sticks take 3 of our great straight bully sticks and braids them together for 3 times the chewing fun.) What makes Free Range Eco Naturals Moo! brand bully sticks different than the bully sticks I purchase anywhere else? Free Range Eco Naturals Moo! brand bully sticks are from Argentina Pampus Angus Cattle. Pampus Angus Beef is the story of a healthy lifestyle. Moo! brand bully sticks are natural dog treats that come from Angus beef cattle that have been humanely raised in Argentina pastures where nature provides the perfect diet. The result is beef that is higher in Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Beta Carotene, and CLA, and are yet lower in fat. The traceable cattle are raised on ecologically responsible family ranches and are always grass-fed and pasture finished. Virtually Odor-Free and free of harsh chemical such as bleach and formeldahyde. All natural and fully digestable. Great dental chews to help keep your dogs teeth clean. Not only are these products USDA certified and inspected, they are also inspected and tested by the FDA and Customs. Great for indoor use because they are Odor-Free!! Free Range Eco Natural bully sticks are always sorted by weight, so that you always get what you pay for. Why should I purchase Free Range Eco Naturals Moo! brand products? Grass-fed and pasture finished dog chews produced by nature. They are manufactured as the world’s most environmentally friendly dog treats with the strictest adherence to socially responsible business practices. Free Range Eco Naturals is the first 100% GREEN company in the pet industry!


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