(1) Pound of Natural Pig Snouts – Free Range Oink! Brand

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You are purchasing (1) pound of Natural Pig Snouts, which equals about 23-26 pieces. These are Free Range Eco Naturals Oink! brand, but will come bulk without individual packaging. (Your dog will love passing the time with these natural pork chews. Beats hossing down something less nutritional or rolling in the mud all afternoon. Pig Snouts are a great alternative to rawhide and are 100% digestible. They also help promote healthy teeth and gums. Each pig snout is marinated in it’s own juices for up to 48 hours for a great, natural flavor that your dog is sure to love! They are hard like pig ears and are a great chew for small and medium dogs, and a great snack for larger dogs.) What makes Free Range Eco Naturals Oink! brand pork dog treats different than the pork dog treats I purchase anywhere else? Free Range Eco Naturals Oink! brand pork dog treats are from Argentina grass-fed pigs. Argentine pork is the story of a healthy lifestyle. Oink! brand pork dog treats are natural dog treats that come from grass-fed pigs that have been raised in the Patagonia region of Argentina in pastures where nature provides the perfect diet of rich vegetation and fauna. NO added hormones, antibiotics, steroids, pesticides, animal by-products, artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. All natural and fully digestable. Patagonia pork is renowned for its special tenderness, intense taste, and superb quality. Not only are these products USDA certified and inspected, they are also inspected and tested by the FDA and Customs. Why should I purchase Free Range Eco Naturals Oink! brand products? Grass-fed and pasture finished dog chews produced by nature. They are manufactured as the world’s most environmentally friendly dog treats with the strictest adherence to socially responsible business practices. Free Range Eco Naturals is the first 100% GREEN company in the pet industry! Your purchase helps support certified non-kill shelters.


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