10 Pack 12 Inch Regular Steer Sticks by Shadow River – Product of the USA

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100% Natural – the steer sticks we sell are a completely natural product that come from grass fed steers. They have no additives or preservatives, and are made in a USDA approved facility in the USA. Because they are a natural product, sizes and shapes will vary.The best chew for your dog – we believe in feeding our dogs the best, which is why we give them steer sticks. They are a great source of protein, which is very important for dogs. Unlike pig products that are very fatty, steer sticks are very low in fat. They are completely digestible, compared to rawhide that can splinter and cause intestinal blockage.Minimal processing – each batch of steer sticks is minimally processed, providing a product as natural as possible. Most batches have a low odor, however some may have more odor than others. While we humans might not always appreciate the smell, your dog is guaranteed to go crazy for it.Perfect for growing puppies – anyone that has raised a puppy knows how much they love to chew. Any time you find your puppy chewing on your favorite shoe or the leg of your dining room table, simply give him a steer stick and he’ll be content for hours on end. As long as they are available, he would much prefer chewing on a steer stick over a smelly old shoe.Safe for small dogs – as owners of small dogs, we know the hazards of feeding them treats that can get caught in their throat. It is especially hazardous when they eat rawhide, which can break up into small pieces and get caught when swallowed. Steer sticks are like beef jerky, and do not break up into pieces like rawhide does, providing a much safer and longer-lasting chew. As with any other product, your dog should be supervised while eating steer sticks.Cleans teeth – not only do steer sticks keep your dog busy for hours, they are perfect for cleaning teeth and helping to remove tartar build-up.


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