ANTLER MAN® Premium Deer Antler Pieces – Dog Chews – Antlers By The Pound

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Product Description

Your dog will enjoy chewing on these premium quality Antler Man® brand deer antler pieces from Texas. Our antlers are 100% natural. No added chemicals or preservatives. Antlers are odor free. Long lasting chew toy. Cleans dogs teeth, does not splinter or chip. You will receive 1 lb. of deer antler pieces. Compare our prices to individual pieces sold in pet stores. You will pay close to $60 per lb. in retail stores! Buy from us and SAVE!! There are 3-4 pieces per pound. If you order 1 pound you will receive 3-4 pieces. If you order 2 pounds you will receive 6-8 pieces and so on. Please take antler away from dog if it becomes small enough to swallow. Antler Man® hand selects, cuts and trims each antler before it goes out. Antler Man® is a registered trademark. All Rights Reserved.


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