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Size:5-inch Dental Treats (30 Pack) Best Bully Sticks is committed to providing your dog with a healthy and enjoyable experience with all of our products. Canine dental health is often overlooked by dog owners and can result in serious illness and hefty veterinary bills. Best Bully Sticks’ mission is to prevent these issues and our Daily Dental Bully Treats are specifically made to ensure your dogs’ dental health. Daily Dental Bully Treats by Best Bully Sticks are made in the USA and free of any hormones, additives or unhealthy chemicals. Made from Bully Stick flakes, each Dental Stick is specially formulated to fight bad breath and maintain oral hygiene. While your pup enjoys a great-tasting treat, the grooves will scrape away any unhealthy tartar and plaque. Each Dental Stick is approximately 5 inches long and serve as a quicker snack than some of our longer-lasting chews. Reward your dog with a Daily Dental Bully Treat and ensure they remain happy and healthy for years to come! Ingredients: Brown rice flour, bully stick flakes, vegetable glycerin, pecan fiber (cellulose), cultured dextrose (a natural shelf life extender), and mixed tocopherols (naturally found vitamin E compounds) Quantity: 30 Size: Approximately 5 inches longGuaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein (Min.): 9.70% Crude Fat (Max.): 1.65% Crude Fiber (Max.): 3.55% Moisture (Max.): 14.86%% Country of Origin: USA Serving Suggestion: Our Treats are High in Protein, so please limit your dog to 1 per day. Too much protein may cause upset stomachs and loose stools. Natural Scent: Our Bully Sticks are 100% Natural with no preservatives, additives or unhealthy chemicals. This means they may emit an odor, but don’t worry your pups love it!


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