GREENIES Weight Management Dental Dog Treats, Teenie, 96 Treats, 27 oz.

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Dogs with bad breath could be showing signs of oral health issues. As the top vet-recommended dental chew,* GREENIES Weight Management Dog Dental Chews provide a weight-friendly, low-fat treat while controlling plaque, tartar buildup and bad dog breath. Our natural dog chews with added vitamins and minerals come in a TEENIE Size for overweight or less active dogs 5-15 pounds. These healthy dog dental treats are made from natural ingredients that are safe to digest and taste great. These diet dog chews clean your dog’s teeth while giving them L-carnitine to help maintain a healthy weight. * GREENIES Brand is the number-one vet-recommended dental chew for dogs in pet-specialty stores, among U.S. veterinarians who recommend dental chews for at-home oral care.


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