[Made in USA] All Natural Steer Stick (Bully Stick) Treats for Dogs, 6 Inches Long by Pet Magasin

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Possibly the perfect treat for your dog. More digestible, nutritious, and flavorful than rawhide, but with a similar tough texture that makes them last far longer than biscuits and other soft treats. Gives your dog a safe outlet for their natural desire to chew, preventing destructive chewing on shoes, furniture, etc. Also great for keeping a dog’s teeth clean, for removing tartar and plaque, for massaging gums to keep them healthy, and for improving your pet’s breath. 100% natural US-raised beef is the only ingredient! Made exclusively from a ‘certain part’ of a cattle bull carcass, the meat is dried, slow-roasted and smoked to lock in flavor. The texture of this meat is extremely tough, so your dog is sure to get plenty of long-lasting chewing pleasure from each stick. Note: because this is a natural product, there will be some variation in the color and shape of bully sticks. You can rest easy knowing that this treat is not only manufactured in the US, but also made exclusively from beef cattle raised in the US. Meat from non-US sources such as South America is often subject to poor regulation on additives and other issues. So give your dog the treat that will truly thank him or her for being your best friend, your most loyal companion, and a wonderful part of the family! Give your dog a bully stick! Pet Magasin is a company committed to providing top-quality products for your pets. You can be confident you’re buying from people who love pets as much as you do.


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