MONSTER Braided Bully Stick for Dogs (8 Pieces Per Stick!) Natural Low-Odor Jumbo Dog Dental Treats, Best XL Thick Pizzle Chew Stix

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Pawstruck 9′ MONSTER Braided Bully Sticks for Dogs – The Best Healthy & Natural Dog Chews!The Monster Braid—you’ve never seen bully sticks like this before. Made from intertwining 8 different bully sticks, the Monster Braid has all the benefits of bully sticks and is even longer lasting. Perfect for power chewers, the Monster Braid is 100% digestible and made from all-natural beef pizzle. We source the highest quality, free range and grass fed cattle to ensure a premium low-odor product your dog will love. What’s better than a long lasting, digestible chew? One that is also great for dental health! Chewing helps to naturally clean teeth of plaque and tartar buildup and this giant treat will give your pup plenty to chew on. The 9” Monster Braid is perfect for large dogs that love to chew. You won’t find a bully braid this strong anywhere else. No icky added chemicals, artificial ingredients, or hormones. Plus, our bully sticks are low in fat and high in protein. You wanna know what makes our Bully Sticks better than the rest?  Naturally improves dog dental health by helping to remove harmful plaque and tartar buildup. Keeps your dog’s pearly whites healthy and bright! Single ingredient dog chew. Made from the highest quality free-range, grass-feed beef. 100% digestible and palatable for even the pickiest of eaters. High in protein and low in fat to ensure your pup stays fit and lean.Last But Not Least Length (approx.): 9′  Shelf Life: 36 months (long time, right?) Ingredients: beef pizzle Country of Origin: ParaguayA Length Perfect For All Breeds, Sizes, Ages, & Appetites(From 4′ to 9′ Long)We’ve got you covered! We make Braided Bully Sticks in 3 convenient lengths to accommodate every dog and situation. Our 3 sizes include: Pawstruck 4′ Monster Braided Bully Sticks Pawstruck 7′ Monster Braided Bully Sticks Pawstruck 9′ Monster Braided Bully SticksThese sticks are 9 inches long and are perfect for medium to giant sized pups.  Meet Kyle, the Owner and Founder of Pawstruck(Man’s Best Friend)Hi, my name is Kyle, and I’m the founder and owner of Pawstruck. When my dog, Tyson, was a puppy, I visited a pet store to buy him some treats and noticed a disturbing trend. Everything had artificial ingredients. The ingredient lists seemed like gibberish due to the complex scientific jargon (ascorbyl palmitate, hydrogenated hydrolysate, glucosamine hydrochloride…huh???).I started searching the internet in the hopes of finding treats and chews that were healthy, natural, and reasonably priced. What I was looking for just wasn’t available. Through that frustration came my inspiration for creating Pawstruck. Tyson and I now provide dogs all over the U.S.A with high-quality and natural dog treats and chews! It didn’t take long for fellow pet owners out there to catch on. We are so grateful for those of you—both canines and humans—who supported our philosophies and business. If you haven’t already, we hope you’ll shop with us and join the Pawstruck Pack!Sincerely,Kyle & TysonBenefits of Buying Delicious Dog Chews from PawstruckMade From Free-Range, Grass-Fed CattleOur beef chews are 100% digestible, free from artificial preservatives and high in protein to support your dog’s muscles. We think that free-range, grass-fed beef leads to a higher-quality, all-natural product.100% Natural Beef Dog ChewThis single-ingredient chew is made with NO artificial preservatives, ingredients, or chemicals. It’s free from common allergens, like corn, grain or soy. Our chews are cleaned and baked to lock in flavor.Naturally Improves Dog Dental HealthChewing this product helps to naturally remove harmful plaque and tartar leading to healthier pearly whites and better smelling breath. Keep your dog smiling bright, naturally.


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