Zuke’s Z-Bones Dog Dental Chews, Clean Berry Crisp, Regular

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Product Description

Zuke’s Z-Bones Dog Dental Chews are edible dental chews with added vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Z-Bones combine nature’s ingredients to help keep breath fresh, teeth and gums clean and your dog healthy. These chewy, delicious bones are loaded with healthy peas, apples, spinach and herbs to keep your dog’s mouth fresh. Z-Bones include natural fresheners: alfalfa, rosemary and fennel. These chews fight bad breath in your dog’s mouth and gut. Z-Bones Dog Dental Chews are made in the USA. At Zuke’s, we have a saying: Live life off leash . It means breaking out of our everyday routines and taking a cue from the adventurous spirit of our dogs. When we’re moving and exploring, we’re healthier and happier. That’s why it’s important to provide our dogs with the fuel they need to do what they do best ? helping us slip the leash of our busy lives to go outside and explore the amazing world around us.


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